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"Collecting Dust is a wonderful masterpiece of sound, blending the old with the new in a way that few artists can do. Harp obviously has his roots in blues and country, but has the talent to rise far above his contemporaries."
-Dino Lull,Metro Spirit, August, GA

"There's a skid row beauty to Harp's songs. Their stories could take place on the streets of downtown L.A., where Charles Bukowksi set his tales of the disengaged; Harp's are less harsh, but just as interesting."
-Rick Allen,
Vintage Guitar

"The local songwriter’s forlorn tenor, laid upon stripped-down, predominantly acoustic instrumentation, is full of restless emotions, while his somber melodies are oddly comforting. Dust has a timeless quality for the reflective times brought about by bad weather and individual misfortune."
-Mark Keresman,SF Weekly, San Francisco, CA

"The self-released "Collecting Dust" is fantastic from begninning to end, with almost everyone one of the 10 tracks gathered here a keeper."
- Jeffrey Sisk, The Daily New , Pennsylvania

"The first thing that registers about Bob Harp's second album is how evocative it feels, how true it sounds - as if his guitar and harmonica really have collected dust for decades."
-Nate Seltenrich, East Bay Express, San Francisco Bay Area

"With a hint of twang, Harp takes the small details of a lazy California day and praises them with classic instrumentation (a 12-string, harmonica, piano), and a tempo that jolts the sadness out of one’s heart."
-Nicole L. Browner,
The Bay Bridged , San Francisco, CA 
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